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Organic Orgasms by Pamela Madsen

September 24, 2010

Shameless author Pamela Madsen has a post up at Psychology Today about “organic orgasms.” What are they? Here’s her words:

The crux of what we are talking about when we use the term “Organic Orgasm” is an orgasm that is not forced simply for the goal of having it.

Unfortunately, the experience of orgasm is put out as the measure of success of a joyful and meaningful sexual experience. It’s like our culture views sex as a sporting event. Once we get on the playing field of sex, it’s all around running around the bases – with the sole purpose of hitting a home run. Isn’t that what we learned as young sexual beings with that entire concept of “hitting a home run?” Some how, if we don’t get that orgasm we feel like we lost the game.

I have a another good friend that was determined to experience female ejaculation, so she worked with a hands on therapist in a workshop for hours and hours and hours. She was going to experience this type of orgasm no matter what. Well, after far too many hours – she did. To me it sounded like a war. Not an orgasmic experience at all – at least to me.

I contend that being “orgasm focused” can actually work against people having beautiful sexual connections and experiences organic orgasm in all of it’s flavors. It is really NOT about having a “Climax” – even though climax’s are yummy when they happen! It’s really about drinking in the stages and sublime pleasures of arousal, touch and intimacy.