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Rapture erotica: “Rapture” by Angela Caperton in Orgasmic: Erotica for Women

May 20, 2011

This is a very timely excerpt from a story I hope you will read in full, “Rapture” by Angela Caperton, from Orgasmic: Erotica for Women.

The comfortable silence that fell between them dragged on until the last glimmer of dusk was swallowed by the night. The moon watched unashamed and Margaret wondered what would happen to it when He came. Would it still be there, or would its wicked pull and maddening shine be cast out of the sky? She hoped not. She’d always liked the moon, liked how its light felt on her skin, how it seemed to turn her to warm mist, and sometimes, when she’d stared at it on long summer nights, she felt its touch in her most private parts. She never told anyone about the odd tightness in her center or the warm wetness between her legs, but she wanted to tell Robert now.

“Sh-should we pray, Robert?” He shifted some, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer to him as he braced his feet to hold them in the narrow valley where the gable and the roof met.

“Quietly, I guess. Wouldn’t want to wake the neighbors.” The laughter came again, not so deep nor so long, and they grew quiet, lying face-to-face, close enough now for her to see his eyes, like lakes with the rising moon reflected.

He leaned close and whispered against her ear, his lips warm. “Our Father, who art…”

Margaret closed her eyes and echoed his words in hushed whispers. She felt the feather of his breath on her cheek, and then their noses bumped, and she felt his breath on her lips, the prayers almost silent, because her breath was gone.

Her heart pounded as Robert’s mouth closed over hers, firm, moist; he pressed against her, not the chaste peck of Brother and Sister, but a kiss….

Her lips parted, welcoming him, her arms circling him as she felt the first delicious stroke of his tongue along hers. A giddy feeling bolted through her and for a moment, she knew the sense of certain damnation.

Then her arms wrapped around his chest, her fingers grew lost in his hair, and a groan of desire, the most joyous “Amen” Margaret had ever heard, filled her ears.

His hands found her breast under the thin Ascension robe and the shift she wore beneath it. Wetness returned between her legs, along with surging heat and as the moon glittered in the sky, Margaret felt herself under its spell.

She pressed hard against him, their robes tangling. His hands caressed her back, one slipping down over her bottom, impatient with the pale wool. The heat of his palm burned through her linen shift as he worked the dress up her calf, then her thigh. The kiss never relaxed, never ceased to demand and give.

His hellfire hand ran up the bare skin of her leg, lingering at the knee, then climbing, fast and certain, up her thigh to the place no man had ever touched before, but where she had stroked sometimes on the most lunatic of nights.

Read all of “Rapture” in Orgasmic: Erotica for Women.

Winner, 2011 Gold IPPY (Independent Publisher) Award for Erotica!

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Fresh Fiction reviews and likes Orgasmic

October 13, 2010

From the excellent book review site Fresh Fiction:

Orgasmic springs from a delicious idea — a book of erotica that explores every possible type of orgasm. This highly original concept could only have come from the delightfully dirty (and brilliant) mind of Rachel Kramer Bussel. Oral sensations, digital delights, tricks with toys, and the old bump and grind are all featured, along with many more imaginative ways to bring a lover to climax. By taking the reins, one woman finds pleasure on top; an experimental lover discovers ecstasy with a remote-controlled vibrator; body and soul merge in multiple orgasms through tantric sex. Orgasmic covers it all, from the familiar to the uncharted, opening up a Pandora’s Box of scenarios and techniques to bring readers to new heights of pleasure.

Organic Orgasms by Pamela Madsen

September 24, 2010

Shameless author Pamela Madsen has a post up at Psychology Today about “organic orgasms.” What are they? Here’s her words:

The crux of what we are talking about when we use the term “Organic Orgasm” is an orgasm that is not forced simply for the goal of having it.

Unfortunately, the experience of orgasm is put out as the measure of success of a joyful and meaningful sexual experience. It’s like our culture views sex as a sporting event. Once we get on the playing field of sex, it’s all around running around the bases – with the sole purpose of hitting a home run. Isn’t that what we learned as young sexual beings with that entire concept of “hitting a home run?” Some how, if we don’t get that orgasm we feel like we lost the game.

I have a another good friend that was determined to experience female ejaculation, so she worked with a hands on therapist in a workshop for hours and hours and hours. She was going to experience this type of orgasm no matter what. Well, after far too many hours – she did. To me it sounded like a war. Not an orgasmic experience at all – at least to me.

I contend that being “orgasm focused” can actually work against people having beautiful sexual connections and experiences organic orgasm in all of it’s flavors. It is really NOT about having a “Climax” – even though climax’s are yummy when they happen! It’s really about drinking in the stages and sublime pleasures of arousal, touch and intimacy.

Behind the story: Orgasmic guest post by Sylvia Lowry

August 4, 2010

This is another Orgasmic guest post by contributor Sylvia Lowry.

“Old Faithful” Freaking in the 50s
by Sylvia Lowry

I feel privileged to have my torrid little tale “Old Faithful” appear in Orgasmic alongside so many gifted, free-spirited writers. The story is set in the late 1950s, and the narrator is a frustrated housewife. Irreverent, lusty, blessed with a potent carnal imagination, she seeks release, both sexually and from a banal cultural moment.

Of course, images of suburban repression and malaise are nothing new, but the fifties linger as iconic reminder of women’s social boundaries. There is an overwhelming gulf between the idealized images of the time, the cheerfully totalitarian advertisements promising domestic ease and the reptilian impulses of the brain and loins.

We imagine that these women wanted to cast off their housecoats and brooms and heartily fuck out the cranium of some fantasy consort. We all do, n’est-ce pas?

In my story, there is the banal (cars with tailfins, novelty songs, television flickering into life) as well as the darkly erotic (Chet Baker and hot jazz) as well as a world of technology waiting to repurposed for dirty ends (toy robots, ringer washers, and vacuums). Domestic idleness breeds an overpowering craving for unashamed, vigorous fucking and sucking.

Finally, my heroine bursts from her cage, empowered, relishing the apocalyptic screw that her brain and body deserve. The triviality of the moment is engulfed a feisty, spirited collision of lubricated organs. But will the housecoat and feather duster be there in the morning?

Read the story with two hands. Or one, if you so desire…



Sylvia Lowry is an erotica writer based in Minneapolis. She writes about sex with an enthusiastic fusion of elegance and unbridled explicitness. Privately, she adores straight-up Scotch and the keen, open exploration of both the literary and the carnal. Her work has appeared in Clean Sheets, Blackheart Magazine, Scarlet Magazine, the Erotic Woman, and in Orgasmic: Erotic Stories for Women. Visit her site at

From her story “Old Faithful” in Orgasmic:

Perspiring, I wiped my face, opening my housecoat as I wandered into the basement. Still filled with my morning laundry, the ringer washer vibrated in darkness, green against black, water cascading violently against its interior, a pure carnal force shuddering viscerally in the blackness. I embraced it, imagining myself joining a mechanical lover of sublime magnitude, grinding my naked pussy into the pulsating steel curvature of the tank, a giant tremulous cock fucking me into oblivion. Its attentions triggered an immediate response and I sensed the reemergence of my thwarted orgasm as I propelled my cunt inward; the trembling steel caressed my clit and entire pussy in a single, awe-inspiring motion. I eased my tits into the embrace, allowing my nipples to achieve intimate contact with the rigid steel, feeling an initial shock of cold contact quickly transfigured into an inverse sensation of scorching heat, a miasma of conflicting impressions that impelled me to gaze skyward, muttering, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” in an attempt to animate the iron beast into pliant flesh.

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Orgasmic: Erotica for Women will be published in August 2010

April 8, 2010

Orgasmic: Erotica for Women is an anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, which will be published by Cleis Press in August 2010. Contact Rachel at rachelkramerbussel at

There will be readings from Orgasmic October 21st at In The Flesh Reading Series in New York City.

Orgasmic is available for pre-order from

Introduction: Let Me Count the Ways…

The Waiting Game Elizabeth Coldwell
What’s in a Name? Jacqueline Applebee
Chemistry Velvet Moore
The Chair Lolita Lopez
Fixing the Pipes Susie Hara
Share Dusty Horn
Hurdles Rowan Elizabeth
Seeing Stars Louisa Harte
Old Faithful Sylvia Lowry
Paying It Forward Kendra Wayne
The Big O Donna George Storey
Moon Tantra Teresa Noelle Roberts
Feet on the Dashboard Rachel Green
Frosting First Lana Fox
All She Wanted Andrea Dale
Making Shapes Lily Harlem
Rapture Angela Caperton
Belted Rachel Kramer Bussel
Rise and Shine Heidi Champa
Taking the Reins Vanessa Vaughn
First Date with the Dom Noelle Keely
Animal Inside Neve Black
The London O Justine Elyot
Fight Charlotte Stein
Switch Jade Melisande


Let Me Count The Ways…

Orgasm: like sex, it’s one word that means many different things to many different people. For many women, it’s the center of their sexual life, a daily occurrence; something to look forward to, experiment with. For
some it means a gushing rush of pleasure, for others it’s a little wave they delight in cresting.

Every woman who orgasms may describe it differently.

Yet there are many women, myself included, who find orgasm not so easy to achieve much of the time (yes, it’s trueæI love sex, and get turned on, but coming is a bit more complex for me). In “Hurdles,” Rowan Elizabeth writes of such a character: “I can’t win this. And it’s my hang-up, too. I feel like there’s something I’m just not doing right. Maybe if I tighten my legs a little more or squeeze my eyes shut harder, then we’d get there together.”

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines orgasm as “intense or paroxysmal excitement; especially: an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female.” It comes from the Latin and Greek (orgasmus/orgasmos), from organ “to grow ripe, be lustful.” I like that description, though what it leaves out is that for women, orgasm can stretch beyond the boundaries of ejaculation, can continue on and on, can be drawn out for as long as the woman (or her partner) wants to indulge in the experience.

In Lolita Lopez’s perfectly kinky story, “The Chair,” sex toys and submission go hand in hand with orgasm for the protagonist. “Lily’s orgasms changed from separate events to one long and unending oscillation of bliss.” Her “punishment” at the hands of Cal is one she’s very, very happy to absorb.

There are countless articles and books telling you how to have a bigger, better orgasm. I don’t want to add to the clamor of the voices saying, You must orgasm now. Instead, I want Orgasmic to be a fictional showcase of some of the reasons, methods and delights women bring to their orgasms. I want these red-hot stories to help get you warmed up, primed, aroused. I want them to make you squirm with desire, identification, curiosity. I want you to read these stories aloud to a lover…or someone you wish were your lover.

I did my best to capture an array of big (and little) Os, moments where the world feels like it’s exploding in your body, orgasms that rock more than just your world. These stories capture the ferocity, intensity and power of women’s orgasms, however they’re achieved. I couldn’t include every way women come in this book, or it would be much longer than it is now, but I wanted to include a varied look at what gets women off, which means it’s not always a man or another woman, or even a machine that does the trick. Vanessa Vaughn taps into a classic route with “Taking the Reins:”

As I straddle the seat and slowly lower myself down, I feel a familiar tingle of excitement deep inside. I can sense the monstrous size of the body between my thighs, the large chest expanding and contracting broadly with each breath. The smell of fresh, conditioned leather smothers my sensesæwell, that, and also the slight musky tinge of sweat. It is a raw smell mixed with rich, dark dirt.

Speaking of orgasm how-tos, in “The Big O” by Donna George Storey, she both skewers the omnipresent women’s magazine sex advice and adds a saucy twist as her protagonist puts into practice “The Sexercise Prescription: A Stronger Secret You in Six Weeks.”

The women in Orgasmic climax from tantric sex, role-playing, piercing, G-spot play, sex toys and even chemistry–the scientific kind. They delight in food, God and handymen. They create their own objects of pleasure; they spy, tease, obey, command, argue, submit. Some are shy about their orgasms and some are bold as can be.

They come, and come and come again, and they do it in some of the hottest, most creative ways you can think of. Visit me at if you just can’t get enough…orgasms, that is.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
New York City