Behind the story: Orgasmic guest post by Sylvia Lowry

This is another Orgasmic guest post by contributor Sylvia Lowry.

“Old Faithful” Freaking in the 50s
by Sylvia Lowry

I feel privileged to have my torrid little tale “Old Faithful” appear in Orgasmic alongside so many gifted, free-spirited writers. The story is set in the late 1950s, and the narrator is a frustrated housewife. Irreverent, lusty, blessed with a potent carnal imagination, she seeks release, both sexually and from a banal cultural moment.

Of course, images of suburban repression and malaise are nothing new, but the fifties linger as iconic reminder of women’s social boundaries. There is an overwhelming gulf between the idealized images of the time, the cheerfully totalitarian advertisements promising domestic ease and the reptilian impulses of the brain and loins.

We imagine that these women wanted to cast off their housecoats and brooms and heartily fuck out the cranium of some fantasy consort. We all do, n’est-ce pas?

In my story, there is the banal (cars with tailfins, novelty songs, television flickering into life) as well as the darkly erotic (Chet Baker and hot jazz) as well as a world of technology waiting to repurposed for dirty ends (toy robots, ringer washers, and vacuums). Domestic idleness breeds an overpowering craving for unashamed, vigorous fucking and sucking.

Finally, my heroine bursts from her cage, empowered, relishing the apocalyptic screw that her brain and body deserve. The triviality of the moment is engulfed a feisty, spirited collision of lubricated organs. But will the housecoat and feather duster be there in the morning?

Read the story with two hands. Or one, if you so desire…



Sylvia Lowry is an erotica writer based in Minneapolis. She writes about sex with an enthusiastic fusion of elegance and unbridled explicitness. Privately, she adores straight-up Scotch and the keen, open exploration of both the literary and the carnal. Her work has appeared in Clean Sheets, Blackheart Magazine, Scarlet Magazine, the Erotic Woman, and in Orgasmic: Erotic Stories for Women. Visit her site at

From her story “Old Faithful” in Orgasmic:

Perspiring, I wiped my face, opening my housecoat as I wandered into the basement. Still filled with my morning laundry, the ringer washer vibrated in darkness, green against black, water cascading violently against its interior, a pure carnal force shuddering viscerally in the blackness. I embraced it, imagining myself joining a mechanical lover of sublime magnitude, grinding my naked pussy into the pulsating steel curvature of the tank, a giant tremulous cock fucking me into oblivion. Its attentions triggered an immediate response and I sensed the reemergence of my thwarted orgasm as I propelled my cunt inward; the trembling steel caressed my clit and entire pussy in a single, awe-inspiring motion. I eased my tits into the embrace, allowing my nipples to achieve intimate contact with the rigid steel, feeling an initial shock of cold contact quickly transfigured into an inverse sensation of scorching heat, a miasma of conflicting impressions that impelled me to gaze skyward, muttering, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” in an attempt to animate the iron beast into pliant flesh.

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