Orgasms and erotica writing – guest post by Lana Fox

This guest post is by Orgasmic: Erotica for Women contributor Lana Fox.

There’s No Place Too Posh for an Orgasm, Baby
By Lana Fox

Before I’d even thought of writing erotica, I had a London friend who threw incredibly posh parties. People would swan towards you in cocktail dresses, with a glass of chilled champagne, introduce themselves with a flick of the hair, and ask you what you did. Back then, I was a teacher, but this answer never seemed to impress them. In fact, I often left the conversations feeling I simply wasn’t preened enough, wealthy enough or successful enough.

Then a mate of mine came up with an idea. “You know what you should do, just for a laugh? Tell them you’re an erotic writer!”

What a brainwave! I’d always loved reading erotica, and this was a way of taking control and saying, “Screw you, snooty, if you don’t like who I am!” And the first time I told this lie and saw the resulting shock on a prim-lipped face, I felt utterly fantastic. “Orgasms,” I’d say. “That’s what it’s all about.” (That bit, I might add, wasn’t a lie!).

I honestly think this game of mine had something to do with my decision to start writing erotica. There’s nothing so wonderful as creating a gorgeous sex scene that makes you hot behind the collar and squirmy in your seat. Orgasms, orgasms…I want the world to be having as many as possible. It loosens us up, makes us humane, puts us in tune with ourselves.

And every time we read or write a sex scene, we’re giving those snooty folks the finger.

Sex is wild and beautiful. And I’m honored to read and write it.

Lana Fox is a Brit living near Boston. Her stories will appear in Orgasmic: Erotic Stories for Women and Passion: Erotic Romance for Women, both edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. She also has a piece forthcoming in Best Women’s Erotica 2011 edited by Violet Blue, and you can find one of her fairy tale stories in Alison’s Wonderland, edited by Alison Tyler. Lana blogs at:

Hear Lana Fox read from Orgasmic October 21st, 8-10 pm, at Orgasm Night, In The Flesh Reading Series, Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome Street, NYC.

Below is an excerpt from “Frosting First” by Lana Fox.

Well, put it this way: what’s sexier than dinner with guests; discussing wine, books, or the state of the nation; while the hottest man you’ve ever met kneels beneath the table biting the straps of your garter belt? Or, take it one step further. His tongue’s right inside you, dipping in and out, circling sublimely, and there you are gripping the arms of your chair, pursing your lips to stop yourself from moaning; you begin to shudder, his hands are on your thighs, as your head falls back and your eyelids flutter. You can’t keep from gasping as he finds the perfect rhythm, and you’re close–so close!–to losing it completely.

“Are you all right?” asks your neighbor, fondling her pearls. “You’re rather flushed. I’ll get you some water.”

“Please,” you say.

She rises from her seat.

“You’ve turned quite a color,” says her husband, from the other end of the long oak table.

“I’m sure.”

You part your knees farther, arching as you come. “Sweet Jesus,” you moan, your hands beneath the table, grabbing handfuls of your lover’s hair.

Read the whole story in Orgasmic: Erotica for Women.

Purchase Orgasmic from:

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IndieBound (search for your local independent bookstore!)

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